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ProOne Water Filtration

ProOne® Water Filters offers affordable water filtration systems to help improve the quality of your water. The products are uniquely engineered to help reduce even the latest undesirable contaminants and water pollutants.

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Tested by a Certified Independent Lab

NSF/ANSI Standards
42, 53, P231 & P473

Replacement Filters For Your Gravity System?

Did you know that ProOne® G2.0 gravity filters fit most competitive gravity system brands including Alexapure, AquaCera, Doulton (British Berkefeld), Berkey®, Patriot Pure, and Waterdrop?* With four different sizes available, rest assured there is a ProOne® G2.0 gravity filter to meet and exceed your needs.


Here’s what you should know about the ProOne® G2.0 filter:

  • NSF/ANSI-42 component certified quality – NSF certification

  • NSF/ANSI standards independently lab tested – see our published lab report

  • All-in-one filter technology – no add on fluoride filter required

  • No need to store in a wet container when not in use

  • Comes with a full factory warranty – no prorated terms

  • Does not contain alumina (aluminum oxide)

  • Does not contain coconut carbon

  • Silver infused to help prevent the growth of bacteria


Why is NSF important?

NSF is the leading global, third-party testing and certification organization for products that come in contact with drinking water. Third-party, independent certification is important for consumers when purchasing drinking water filters because it is the only objective way to validate a manufacturer’s product health and performance claims. The NSF certification process gives confidence to consumers by allowing them to confirm that the product performs as claimed.

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Berkey vs ProOne

While both ProOne and Berkey offer a range of system sizes to choose from, the ProOne filter removes slightly more contaminants than Berkey (275+ vs 203).

Plus, ProOne’s system is officially NSF certified for its improvement of aesthetic effects, while Berkey’s filters are only tested to NSF standards. Then there’s the whole issue with Berkey filters being banned in California, due to the manufacturer’s lack of official certifications and secrecy around its filter construction. Way back in 2009, a new law went into effect in California, known as “AB 1953SB 1395 & HSC Section 116875“. More commonly referred to as the “no-lead law”, this law, which is now not so new, prevents the majority of available Berkey water filters, systems and products from being legally sold in the state of California.

ProOne filter uses a ceramic filter media. This type of media is one of the oldest and most proven filter technologies, and numerous studies (including this one) cite that ceramic filtration has the best contaminant removal efficiency, especially when it comes to microbiological impurities.

Comparing notable contaminants removed by these filters !

  • Lead – it’s one of the most dangerous contaminants, and both filters are equal on this front, removing 99.9% of the metal.

  • Free chlorine – again, the filters are equally matched in chlorine removal, reducing this contaminant by 99.9%.

  • Mercury – nothing new here – both filters remove mercury to 99.9%.

  • Glyphosate – ProOne comes out on top here, removing 100% of this volatile organic compound, while Berkey removes it to “below lab detectable levels”. We’d prefer an actual number from Berkey.

  • Fluoride – again, ProOne wins this one, removing 97.5% of this mineral. As for Berkey, you’ll need to buy a separate filter to remove fluoride.

  • Arsenic – Although Berkey shows a higher removal rate, up to 99.9% this is the same separate filter as the fluoride removal filter. ProOne removes 99.7%

  • Viruses and bacteria – ProOne removes up to 99.99% of viruses and up to 99.999% of bacteria, while Berkey removes 99.999% of viruses and 99.9999999% of pathogenic bacteria.

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